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Indulging in mixology celebrates creativity, innovation, and imagination, stirring up cocktail magic one drink at a time, where flavors unite in endless possibilities.


Peach Sparkling Wine Beverage

Discover a creative Moldavian take on ready to drink version of the delightful Venetian Bellini cocktail. Fruity and refreshing - with sparkling wine and peach. Enjoy its balanced sweetness, delicious natural fruit flavors and low alcohol. Perfect as an aperitif or paired with light appetizers.

minewine peach.png
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       Dry white wine from European grape varieties, sugar syrup, softened water, flavour identical to natural peach, carbon dioxide,E202, E330, E110,  E220, E300.

Vin sec issu de cépages européens, sirop de sucre, eau adoucie,  arôme artificiel aux pêche,  dioxyde de carbone, E202, E330, E110,  E220, E300.

MineWine beverages are available at retail locations across the province.

Find a list of stores here.

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