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Premium and exquisite wines

since 1827


negru de purcari-01.png

Negru de Purcari

The king of Purcari wines – noble, with a rich structure and a generous bouquet, it truly has a royal palate. A delightful blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Saperavi, 5% Rara Neagra, it seduces with its velvety taste, balanced with oak and fruit tones. The bouquet surprises with fine shades of plums, chocolate and figs followed by a long silky finish. 

rosu purcari-01.png

Roșu de Purcari

Roșu de Purcari is a revelation of traditions: mature, rich and full of flavor. This fine red is a food-pairing dream, offering notes of forest fruits, dried plums and delicate tints of sweet vanilla. The fruit flavor surprises through its refinement and smoothness, ensuring a long lasting finish. This hand-picked aged dry blend is 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, and 10% Malbec.


Alb de Purcari

A sensual, slightly velvety experience that seduces your senses like a first love. Beautiful light golden color, the wine has a complex aroma of sweet fruits, fine honey and spice. The full fruity taste is balanced with ample but delicate accents of oak. The acidity is well defined and extends the remarkable lingering finish.


purcari cabernet sauvignon-01.png

Cabernet Sauvignon

Introducing a red wine with attitude: vigorous, virile, and robust. An intense ruby color flecked purple with a rich aroma, dominated by black cherry, complemented by fine notes of exotic spices and smoky oak. The taste is full, complex, with notes of ripe fruit, chocolate, vanilla and raisins, all contributing to a long lingering finish. 

purcari merlot-01.png


Merlot de Purcari is like velvet – a soft touch with an impressive personality. The ruby red colour seduces with aromas of plums, tobacco and wood-smoke. On the palate there are shades of oak, mulberry, and rose with a long lingering finish to this fine vintage. 

purcari pinot noir-01.png

Pinot Noir

This light and delicate wine will charm you with its fruity aromas, unique and mysterious fragrance and its intense ruby color. Strawberry, violets, raspberry and discrete oak aromas form a savory velvety taste and specific bouquet with fruity hints.

purcari rara neagra-01.png

Rara Neagra

Discover an indigenous grape variety, unique in the world, often called “Moldovan Malbec”. Ruby red color with an earthy aroma of tobacco, blackberries, cherries, dried plums and undertones of vanilla. This is an elegant wine with light tannin and a soft long finish. 

freedom blend purcari-01.png

Freedom Blend

The expression of the free spirit, a courageous blend, full of character, from three indigenous grape varieties: 60% Bastardo, 35% Saperavi, 5% Rară Neagră. Pure garnet color, dense and opaque. A beautiful aroma of cherry, cranberry, red currant, dried red plum, red pepper. The palate is smooth and elegant, with a long, velvety finish. 


purcari chardonnay-01.png

Chardonnay de Purcari

Meet the king of Purcari white wines: gorgeous, distinguished, and intense. Golden color with  shades of amber.  The wine displays a unique flowery aroma of citrus and exotic fruits. The full, opulent taste is complex, with notes of almond and vanilla, followed by a long finish dominated harmoniously by shades of ripening.

purcari rose-01.png

Rosé de Purcari

Rosé de Purcari is a refined spring day in an orchard of apricot blossoms. This dry rosé wine has a delightful  tones of peach, apricot and red currant. A fresh and balanced taste turns into a long finish with hints of wild berries. Hand-picked 55 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and  5 % Rara Neagra.

purcari pinot grigio-01.png

Pinot Grigio de Purcari

This delicate wine is like the touch of autumn: smooth, warm, enigmatic. A wine that does not shout, but whispers a beautiful story. On the nose it displays soft notes of green apple and pear. It exhibits a fruity taste with a well balanced acidity and a harmonious long lingering finish.

purcari ice wine-01.png

Ice Wine

Come and witness a duet and a duel between fire and ice, a complex experience, an exciting and challenging wine. A bright golden color with complex flavors of honey and sweet exotic fruit that develops in time. The sweet taste and velvety notes show deep but delicate oak hues, with a remarkably refined finish. 



Cuvee De Purcari Rose Brut

Discover and savor an exceptionally crafted blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the finest terroir of Purcari. The rose tint evokes elegance and sophistication, displayng a delicate floral bouquet. The long term maturation in bottle offers a soft and persistent pearling.On the palate there are subtle notes of blackcurrant and vanilla, followed by a smooth lasting finish.

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