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Wines with IGP

(Protected Geographical Indication)

chateau vartely cabernet

Cabernet Sauvignon

Grown in the southern region of Moldova, this outstanding ruby red wine has flavours of black currant, cherry stone, vanilla and oriental spices, accentuated by the aroma acquired in its oak casks. 


Malbec & Syrah Rose

Delight yourself with a smooth rose wine from Valul lui Traian wine region of Moldova. Distinguished by an elegant color and a delicate aroma of berries.  On the palate there are notes of overripe strawberries.

chateau vartely sauvignon blanc-01.png

Sauvignon Blanc

Golden straw colour with pale green reflexes. The nose is at once complex yet delicate, with notes of citrus and black currant. It has a fresh crisp taste with an undertone of effervescence, providing intense sensations and a persisting pleasant finish.


Pino Grigio

Coming from Codru wine region of Moldova, this remarcable wine displays a golden straw color with a green tint. On the nose there are notes of lemon and green apple with a slight effervescence.

Individo Collection

fateasca negra individo-01.png

Feteasca Neagra

Discover an old indigenous grape, one of the secret ingredients used in many high end wines. Deep red colour wine with ruby shades, it has flavours of black currant, a pleasant slightly spicy fragrance, velvety tannin and undertones of berries. The palate is smooth with a long, velvety finish. 

individo rara neagra-01.png

Rara Neagra-Malbec-Syrah

This creative blend has a deep garnet colour with  a rich aroma of notes of cherries, pomegranate, red currant, dried fruit and black pepper. Intense and fruit forward, the three grape varietals bring their own unique flavours while still blending perfectly to provide a balanced, cohesive wine.

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