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Castel Mimi Collection

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Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blank

A bright wheat-colored wine with green reflections. The aroma of wild grass is
followed by a touch of green apples and
gooseberries on the palate. The finish is
reinvigorating with mild citrus notes.

Food Paring:  Salad, sandwiches with red caviar and salmon, cheese and fish.



A tender wine, with a nice ruby color that
displays nice juicy flavors of mulberries,
blackberries, and sour cherry, beautifully
outlined by soft tannins.

Food Paring:  Duck, beef, mushrooms, grilled tuna or cheese such as Comté or Emmental.


Feteasca Alba

Enjoy a wheat golden color wine with
fragrant aromas of linden and lemon
blossoms. On the palate there are fresh
notes of pear, lime, and gooseberry. The
finish is long, smooth, and refreshing.

Food Paring:  River fish, seafood, shellfish, cheese.


Pinot Noir
Rara Neagra

A delicate red blend, born from the fusion of
three legendary red varietals: Pinot Noir,
Saperavi and Rara Neagra. The intense ruby
color reflects the juicy flavors's of
mulberries, blackberries, and sour cherry,
beautifully outlined by mildly spicy tannins.

Food Paring: Venison, well-seasoned red meat either grilled or medium rare.

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