Premium and exquisite wines

since 1827

Château Purcari

Premium and exquisite wines

since 1827

Founded in 1827, on the former territory of the 900 year old Afon-Zograf monastery, Chateau Purcari is the winery that put Moldova on the world’s wine map. It is one the most valuable and famous wine estates of Eastern Europe, and the real treasure of Moldova. The winery is located in the village of Purcari, South of Moldova, on the river Dniester, just 30 km by the Black Sea. The vineyards cover a total surface of 250 ha, being  located in the heart of the Purcari microzone that benefit from optimum weather conditions and a terroir similar to the famous Bordeaux area.

Château Purcari is recognized worldwide for its outstanding wines that have gathered over the centuries more than 180 medals.  Already in 1847, Purcari wines are awarded its first golden medal during the Agricultural Bessarabian Fair. In 1878 Negru de Purcari won its first international gold medal at the Paris World Exhibition in a blind tasting. Since then, Purcari wines have enjoyed a royal following throughout the years and were ordered to the tables of historic figures such as the Russian Emperor Nikolay II, King George V and Queen Victoria. Locally the variety of Negru de Purcari is referred to as the “Queen’s Wine” as Queen Elizabeth II has cellared this award winning varietal.

Today, Purcari wines are exported to over 25 countries around the world: Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Poland, Canada, Baltic countries etc.

The Château is known to the whole world for its premium wines, which have received awards and praise from international competitions like Decanter, Challenge International du Vin, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine and Spirit Competition as well as the legendary patronage of the royal court of Great Britain.

By 1878, the winery was being celebrated in a closed wine tasting at the Paris World Expo. French experts were impressed with a dry wine of an intense ruby color, being sure that it was a new Bordeaux wine. What a surprise when they found it had originated in a small village on the banks of the Dniester River. In such a way, the Negru de Purcari wine won its first gold medal at an international exhibition. Purcari wine was served to Emperor Nicholas II as well as King George V and Queen Victoria of Great Britain.

Today Purcari is a state-of-the-art winery and Moldova's most prestigious wine.

Purcari Wineries Group is a leading player in the wine and brandy segments in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region, managing around 1,000 hectares of vineyards and 4 wineries located in Romania and the Republic of Moldova: Purcari, Crama Ceptura, Bostavan and Bardar.

The Group encompasses a range of wine brands across all price segments in the still and sparkling wine segments and a brand in the premium brandy segment.

Purcari Wineries Group is the largest wine exporter from Moldova, delivering to over 30 markets in Europe (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Norway, UK, etc.), in Asia (China, Japan, South Korea) and in America (Canada and USA).

In 2016, the Group received 23 medals for quality of its Purcari wines from Decanter, IWCS, Challenge International du Vin Bordeaux and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Purcari wines are aged exclusively in French oak barrels. Depending on the grape type, the aging periods vary from 6 to 18 months, while the wine becomes rich in tannins and aromatic components. This gives the aroma of elegant wood, vanilla, and chocolate notes to the taste.


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