Cabernet-Sauvignon de Purcari

Region: South-East

Appellation: Nistreana Wine Region (South-Eastern)

Micro-region: Purcari (30 km from the Black Sea next to the River Nistru/Dniester)

Soil: Black carbonate, hard-loamy

Colour: Brick garnet

Grape Variety:
  • 100% Cabernet-Sauvignon;

Harvest and Aging:

The grapes are hand-picked in October, alcohol fermentated in wooden tanks, malolactic fermented, oak-aged in French barrels, stabilized, bottled, and bottle-aged.

Winemaker's Notes:

Cabernet-Sauvignon is an estate red wine, aged in oak barrels and finished in glass. It exhibits aromas of peppermint and wild berry as well as a velvety texture with lovely spicy notes and vanilla, contributing to a long- lingering finish.


Strong cheeses and choice beef and lamb will taste even more savory and delicious when paired with Cabernet-Sauvignon de Purcari. You will best enjoy the aromas and taste of this wine at a temperature of 18C.

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