Celestial Wine and Spirits is the exclusive distributor of the Ciumai Garling Collection.

We are pleased to introduce Cagor de Ciumai from the Garling collection.

The Ciumai Winery was established in 1940 and is part of the Wine International Project consortium (the largest private company in Moldova producing wine-making products under the trademarks ‘Garling Collection’ and ‘Imperator Vin’). The Winery is located in the Cahul wine region in southern Moldova between the Prut and Danube River north of the Black Sea. Ciumai is situated on the same latitudes as well-known wine making regions of Bordeaux in France.

Cagor de Ciumai (CSPC-755900)

This unique dessert red wine, Cagor de Ciumai, is produced from Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes, vintage 2000 and maturated in oak barrels. It is noble and dark-ruby in colour with a honey-moroccon bouquet revealing notes of black currant, chocolate and prunes. The rich and velvety texture ends with a slightly tart finish.

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