Chateau Vartely

Celestial Wine and Spirits is the exclusive distributor of the Chateau Vartely.

Located in Southern Moldova, Chateau Vartely is a young wine making company founded in 1996. However, state of the art technologies used in vine growing and grape processing along with the passion for quality wine cultivated by our people for centuries, has placed Chateau Vartely among Moldova’s top wineries. Chateau Vartely wines have been awarded medals in Germany, Russia, Great Britain and the Decanter Asian awards.

Feteasca Neagra (Black Maiden)

Black Maiden is an old indigenous grape cultivated primarily in Moldova and the surrounding regions. These grapes produce a wine with a deep red colour, with ruby shades. It has flavours of black currant, with a pleasant slightly spicy fragrance, velvety tannins and undertones of berries. This grape varietal produces premium wines perfect for aging.

Rara Neagra * Malbec * Syrah

This creative blend of Rara Neagra, Malbec and Syrah has a deep garnet colour with shades of ruby. The nose is clear and rich with notes of cherries, pomegranate, red currant, dried fruit and black pepper. Intense and fruit forward, the three grape varietals bring their own unique flavours while still blending perfectly to provide a balanced, cohesive wine. This highly awarded wine is ideally served with hearty foods such as stews, steaks and ribs.

Feteasca Regala (Royal Maiden)

Produced in the Northern region of Moldova this fine unoaked, mineral-driven Royal Maiden has a bright yellow colour with a translucent white rim-color. The nose is at once complex, yet delicate with notes of quince, straw grass, pineapple, apricot yellow pear, yellow apple and some subtle notes of cherry blossom .The wine has a zesty, fresh and sharp taste with a balanced acidity and medium tannin. Royal Mayden has a velvety-sharp finish, crisp and fresh at the same time. Enjoy alone or pair with barbequed trout, coronation chicken, or cheese dishes. Serve at a temperature between 12 and 14 ° C. Alcohol: 13% .

Sauvignon Blanc

Produced in the southern region of Moldova this outstanding Sauvignon Blanc has a straw colour with reflexes of pale green. The nose is at once complex, yet delicate with notes of citrus, pear, and green apple. It has a fresh crisp taste with an undertone of effervescence, providing intense sensations and a persisting pleasant finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Produced in the southern region of Moldova this superb Cabernet Sauvignon has a saturated ruby red colour. It has flavours of black currant, cherry stone, vanilla and oriental spices accentuated by the aroma acquired in its oak casks. The taste is full, soft bodied and fruity with a lingering smooth finish.

Ice Wine Muscat Ottonel

Elegant and graceful, this wine unquestionably may be called aristocratic. Ideally balanced, displaying notes of exotic fruits and rich honey. Very smooth on the palate, with a fresh, long-lasting finish.

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